Intellectual Property: Practical Thoughts in the World Marketplace

Inventions? Patents? Intellectual Property?

Steps To Patents:

You Have
An Idea

You Want
To Protect It

File a Patent

Claim “Patent

If you finally solved a long-standing problem, created a unique form of artificial intelligence, or wrote the Great American Novel, consider protecting it. Your creation may be a protectable form of intellectual property, such as trade dress, trade secret, patent, or copyright.

It would be prudent to keep your invention in confidence, particularly until you speak with an intellectual property attorney. But don’t delay – U.S. patent law changed a few years ago, and delay can be dangerous. Someone else could win the race to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and file an application on an invention similar to yours and prevent you from receiving a patent.

I am a U.S. registered patent attorney. I can walk with a client through their specific situation, facts, and timing, and help the client decide on an appropriate course of action.

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